Foundation(s) of the Month

I’d like to announce that for the next couple of months, 20% of your purchase will be donated to charity. 10% of my profits will go toward my normal “Foundation of the Month” donation for marine conservation and the other 10% will go toward Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts. If you are interested in learning more about my donation process and where your money is going, please refer to my “Photography with a Purpose” page or contact us directly. Mahalo!
— CRedmond Photography
Image Source:  Marine Mammal Center  Website

Image Source: Marine Mammal Center Website

Marine Mammal Center

This organization has special importance to me because it hits close to home (literally). Located in Sausillito, California, this organization stretches over 600 miles along the california coastline and rescues, rehabilitates, and releases hundreds of marine mammals every year. While they currently have a facitilty in California, they have also opened a marine mammal center on the Big Island of Hawai'i called Ke Kai Ola, which focuses much of its rehabilitation and monitoring efforts of the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals. With roots in California and a new center in Hawaii and focus on marine mammal conservation/research, it's no surprise that this organization comes to mind. This organization is one that I've supported for years and endorse. To find out more about the organization visit




*Limited Time*

Image Source:  Best Friends Animal Society

Image Source: Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society

Due to the recent hurricanes sweeping the state of Texas from Hurricane Harvey and the damage inflicted in Florida and the Caribbean from Hurricane Irma, I've decided to allot an extra 10% of my business toward relief efforts. There are many organizations out there to donate to, all equally important, but when deciding which foundation I wanted to choose, I looked for one that could immediately use the help and one that I felt deserved more recognition. Being the animal lover and obsessive pet owner that I am, I went with my gut and choose the "Best Friends Animal Society". Their donations are going stratight to relief efforts in Texas and Florida and are committed to bringing these helpless and displaced pets and animals to safety and aiding in recovery and reuniting them with their families. With our donations, we can make sure that these animals, who are helpless during a natural disaster, get the help and shelter they deserve. For more information about their organization visit  Put your money where your heart is.