Wave Gallery

The shorebreak is my comfort zone. I absolutely love it. It’s always different. The light, the colors, the water, the sand and what happens to it. And to be there to capture it and share it with the world... what a dream.
— Clark Little
Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear.
— Buzzy Trent

When you think about it, the oceans will never be entirely still because of the constant flow of energy traveling in different directions from all over the world. Energy from wind sweeping over the surface of the ocean forces water to move in a circular motion, but the water itself isn't being transferred as a wave moves toward our coastlines, only the energy is transmitted (i.e. consider a buoy). This wave energy moves vertically in the water column, along the bottom of the ocean floor, toward the coast. As the ocean depth decreases closer to shore, the drag on the wave's bottom becomes stronger, and the upper part of the wave begins to tilt forward, resulting in a "head over heels" effect. Shorebreak can vary based on the shape of the ocean basin and the magnitude of energy being transferred. To me, this is what makes wave photography so fun to shoot. Every beach essentially has it's own type of shorebreak, but no matter how many times I go to the same spots to shoot photos, I find that no wave I shoot is exactly the same. The unpredictability of every set, every wave, every break, is what excites me! I love the rush, the challenge in getting better photographs, and even getting tossed up the beach. You have to be able to take a beating to get a shot, but it also what humbles me. I have a lot of fun playing in the waves, but I also have to remind myself that I am not in charge out there - the ocean is. We all believe we know what we are doing when we get in the ocean, but no matter how much experience you have, the raw power and force that the ocean embodies deserves respect. All of this being said, the beauty, power, and danger that the ocean possess, has me wrapped around it's finger, like a drug. Check out my collection to see what I mean.