Photography with Purpose

Health to the ocean means health for us.
— Sylvia Earle


This website is simply a place for me to share my photography with the world and give those interested in prints a platform to purchase them. I am in no way trying to make a fortune off of this website, in fact this website has never been about me at all.

I made this website for my family, friends, and Instagram followers who requested it. As I started to do so, I realized that if I were going to make a profit with these prints, that I would make sure that it went to the right place. I decided that I wanted to share my profit with some of the organizations that I already endorse, follow, and believe in that function and operate soley on donations. I am committed to donating 10% of my profits from my website to a different foundation, every month, that focus on marine research and conservation efforts. All of the organizations I donate to are non-profit organizations that I truly believe can make a difference in our oceans for our future.


Why Donate?

All of that being said, I am not a business(wo)man, nor is it my passion. I went to school for marine biology and want to pursue a career in researching and conserving marine life and the environment in which they thrive. What scares me the most is the direction we are heading in, our health of the oceans, and where that leaves not only the future our marine life, but our future as well. Funfact: 14% of U.S. counties that are adjacent to the coast produce 45 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), with close to three million jobs (one in 45) directly dependent on the resources of the oceans and Great Lakes (NOAA). That being said, my future, too, relies on the health of the oceans, so for me to make a difference in the world, I am going to start somewhere relevant. I am choosing to donate my money toward organizations and a cause that is greater than myself because our oceans are our future, the future of our children, and so fourth. This is the most practical and progressive thing that I can do to help better our world. While this is not all that I can do, it is a start until I can pursue a career that I am passionate about. Today, I am here simply to share my photographs as your neighbor, friend, and family member, with the intention of inspiring others to preserve our natural environments, resources, and marine life that surrounds us and I hope that is something everyone can understand and support as well.



Where are donations going this month?

Check out where my donations are going this month by looking at the Foundation of the Month page or by clicking here